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To ensure you get the best experience from our event, we have created interactive opportunities that will help you dive deeper into the world of "Meelte Videvik." Use the buttons below and let the technology guide you through this extraordinary experience.



Kristjan Järvi, Oopus, Raul Ojamaa, and Kadri Voorand’s sensory journey "Meelte videvik"



Celebration of the recreation of Estonia from sunset to sunrise

On August 17th from 18:00 to 06:00

In the heart of Elva among the lakes

Ticket 25€ until the summer solstice, June 30, 2024 (inclusive)
Ticket prices will rise over time.

Hope Creativity Nature

Dear friend and creator here and beyond the stage,


Welcome to a world full of creativity, light, and music!


On August 17th, we, your fellow artists Estoniia Muusa, Kristjan Järvi, Kerli, Kadri Voorand, Raul Ojamaa, Oopus, Tom Walsberg and Wäelaulud, Tiina Karjatse, Angeelia, and Mick Pedaja, among many others, invite you and all of Estonia to join us for a unique and heartfelt celebration. At this festival, each of us is both a guest and a creator. We come together to create a unique night full of joy and shared moments.

We meet in the heart of Elva – among the lakes, on three beautiful stages: by the shores of Lake Arbi, at the Elva Singing Stage, and by the shores of Lake Verevi. The festival begins at 6:00 PM and continues uninterrupted until sunrise at 6:00 AM.


Meelte Videvik will be more than just a festival – it is a call for all of us to celebrate life, the beauty of gathering, and to collectively recreate our culture. Through inclusion and co-creation, we form a tribe that recreates Estonia. It is a night where we all contribute to the continuous flow of music, light, and laughter, enjoying the upcoming sunrise with boundless joy and creativity.


"Meelte Videvik" is preceded by Kristjan Järvi's summer creative parties all over Estonia, culminating in the grand event in Elva in August.




With love and anticipation, Meelte Videvik and Estoniia Muusa

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